Friday, October 5, 2012

Birthday Cakes (2011-2012)

Hi! today I decided to post some more pictures of some cakes we've made.

These cakes are from more recent birthdays--they were actually made close to the end of last year and the begining of this year. All of these cakes were made completely from scratch (the frosting and everything).

                                                             My mom made this one.

                                             My mom made this cake and I frosted it.  

My mom made this one too, and I frosted it. the caricature on this cake is from the same game I mentioned yesterday. 

                                           I made this cake all the way (the inside and outside).

 Lord Willing, I plan on posting the recipes we have used for these cakes and the frosting.
 P.S. Most of these cakes are regular white cakes (or something similar).