Thursday, October 4, 2012

Birthday Cakes (from 2009-2010)

Hi, today I (Esther) wanted to talk about birthday cakes.

We used to almost always buy pre-made birthday cakes from our local grocery stores--like H-E-B, Walmart, or Sams Club. Although there were years when we did make our own birthday cakes, we never made them on a regular basis; now that has changed. We have been making all of our own birthday cakes this year and some last year as well.

There are several reasons why we switched from pre-made cakes to homemade cakes (birthday cakes), one of which is health: store-bought cakes are always full of those nasty preservatives. Why waste your money on a cake thats contains flour, sugar, baking powder, plus a long list of artificial flavors and colors, when you can make your own for less money (and less ingredients).

Starting today I want to post some pictures of the cakes we have made through the years.

These pictures I'm about to shew you are from mid 2009, and early to late 2010. Don't worry, our cakes have improved since then. ;)

Now, this cake and the one below weren't your common cake--actually, they were more like health cakes. They were made of whole wheat flour, and some other good-for-you grains, plus the frosting was made from cream cheese. I guess the "junkier" sides of the cakes were the sugar balloons and letters. I think these cakes tasted great!

We kind of cheated on this one, and the one below, since we used a boxed cake mix for both of them. Yes, even the frosting was store-bought--isn't that awful. By the way, the little drawing on this cake is of a caricature from a computer game some of my siblings play.

This is what happens when you leave the cake at a small child's reach. Incase you can't tell, some of the frosting got kind of smudged.