Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday Sewing: How to re-size a blouse

Posted by: Esther

For today’s “Saturday Sewing”, I’m going to show you how to resize a blouse that is many sizes too large.  One of the great things about this project is the fact that the extra fabric from the blouse allows you to restyle it to suit your taste.  I didn’t do much to mine except for the gathered sleeves and the addition of the belt: you could actually change the blouse even more by cutting the sleeves, adding some small ruffles, lace, sequences, etc.

Below are steps on how I resized a blouse for my mom:
Step 1).  Begin by  trying on the blouse to see how much it has to be taken in.

 Step 2).  Turn the blouse inside out: cut off the sleeves and mark where you want to sew to take in the sides.

Step 3).  Sew where you marked the sides of your blouse and cut off the excess fabric until you have about one centimeter of fabric remaining. If your fabric is the kind that frays (mine didn't) you can zig-zag stitch the edges to keep that from happening. If you have a serger this whole project would probably be easier--to bad I don't have one. :(


 Step 4).  Gather the sleeves to fit in the armhole. The armhole should have gotten smaller when you took in the sides; thus, you have to gather the sleeves.

 Step 5).  After gathering the sleeves attach them to your blouse. Cut off the remaining fabric leaving about one centimeter or less. 

                                                       This is how it should look.  

                                             You're pretty much done at this point.

I  added a belt  by attaching some remaining strips of fabric together. You can  add your own style by adding any other kind of embellishment.

                                                       Well, I hope you enjoyed!