Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Sewing: How to Turn a Pair of Shorts into a Skirt

Posted by: Esther

Today I’m going to show you how I turned a pair of girl size 10 shorts, into a skirt for one of my sisters. This is a great and easy way of using those old pair of jeans or shorts you may have in your closet.

                                  Begin by cutting off the leg-holes.

Next make a gathered skirt that is wide enough to fit under where you cut off. Usually, (depending on how gathered I want it) I’ll measure where I cut off and make the skirt double that width. I actually used a skirt from an old dress, so I didn’t have to gather or hem anything.

Attach your pieces together, and (if you’re not using a serger) do a zigzag stich on the raw edge of your fabric.

Now you can hem the skirt. If you want you can add ruffles on the bottom like I did, or an extra layer of fabric underneath. Enjoy your new skirt!