Friday, July 19, 2013

"Weekly Wrap-Up" 07/19/2013

Today we decided to link-up to The “Weekly Wrap-Up” at to give you an idea of what a typical summer week is like for our family.

  1. Earlier this week, some of the younger ones tried out  At first they loved it, but their interest for the program seems to have waned somewhat--we will most probably stick with
  2. Dad has been working on getting the little ones to memorize their times tables.  They love it! We will most probably continue using , as it has worked very well for some of our other children.
  3. Older kids have been helping younger kids on their algebra, fractions, and other related subjects. The plan is to have them study this workbook for a thorough fraction (and similar subject) review this coming school year.  As for algebra, we will most likely continue using Holt Algebra (ed. 1974), and perhaps some A.C.E. algebra as well.

Fun and Activities

Here are some fun activities we enjoyed last week.

First, we went to feed some animals at a nearby car wash.  This is not the first time we do this, but each time we do, it’s just as enjoyable as the last.  When we go, we usually like feeding them carrots, apples, and bananas.  This time we gave them watermelon—they loved it!

Here are some pictures of all the fun

We also watched a family movie.  Although it’s often we have family time, it’s not that common for us to watch movies together—probably due to society’s lack of family-friendly entertainment.

Here is a trailer to the movie we watched (please note that this movie was made in Argentina, so it’s in Spanish).

Interesting Occurrences

Our refrigerator stopped working (actually, we’ve had trouble with it for some time now), so we had to disconnect it until the refrigerator-repair man came over to fix the problem.

While we were waiting, we put our remaining food in a cooler (thank God we hadn’t done any bulk shopping).

Another interesting thing that happened this week is that it rained: here in Texas it hasn't rained enough lately; hence, deeming it an "interesting occurrence".

Most Notable Meals

Since our refrigerator wasn’t working, many of the meals we had this week were not our ordinary-type of meals…but they were all delicious.

  1. Salmon salad with crackers (we have eaten this in the past with other kinds of fish)
  2. Turkey sandwiches made with homemade whole wheat bread (recipe for whole wheat bread coming soon)
  3. Penne multigrain pasta with extra lean ground beef and mixed vegetables (we also made some with lean ground turkey)  
  4. Chicken stir-fry served over long grain brown rice—we actually eat this quite often, here is one of our variations of this dish.