About Us

Welcome to our blog!

In this blog you will find a wide variety of topics: from sewing tutorials and homeschooling tips, to interesting articles and political issues. You will also see the random life of a homeschooling family finding new and innovative ways to budget and live a frugal life. We are going to cover an array of topics, and in doing so, will attempt to answer peoples questions concerning a homeschooling family's life. Clearly, this blog is sure to entertain almost anyone!

Here are ten interesting facts about our family:

1) We are born-again Christians, and our primary goal as a family, is to raise our children in the Lord's ways so that the blessings of Psalms 1 fall upon them.

2) We have ten children.

3) We homeschool ALL our children.

4) Our names, from oldest to youngest are, Bill (Dad), Lorena (Mom), Rebekah, Esther, Isaac, Deborah, Sarah, Hannah, Abraham, Daniel, and Enoch.

5) We are extremely conservative and republican.

6) We love Israel and the Jewish people.

7) We all speak fluent Spanish and are working on learning some Hebrew.

8) We make many things from scratch--this includes most of our food, and a significant amount of our clothing.

9) Every Friday we love having a family service.

10) We hope you enjoy our blog!